AiroMatic Smart Roof Ventilator

AiroMatic is a powerful, Smart Roof Mounted Ventilator that continuously and reliably improves the comfort and health of your home all year round.

AiroMatic is a roof mounted, smart ventilator with clear acrylic dome, for the reduction of roof space heat & management of moisture and damaging condensation.

The high quality polymer based ventilator with a clear, high impact acrylic dome provides four speed settings (automatic, low, medium and high) to manage excess heat and moisture in the roof space, providing a more comfortable and healthier home. In addition, the management of moisture helps to reduce the chances of condensation damaging roof rafters, insulation and ceilings.

One AiroMatic is equivalent to six wind driven vents and can be used on a continuous basis, without reliance on the wind.

The quiet motor and low cost to run make this ventilator a valuable addition to the comfort level in your home. In addition, the Edmonds partnership with the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ shows the support for AiroMatic as a provider of better quality air, especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

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The truth is, when planning a renovation we all spend a lot of time thinking about the good stuff – layout, materials, finishes and exactly where that favorite piece of furniture will go. But one absolute no-brainer for any home improvement is installing ventilation in the roof. And these days, powered ventilation is the way to go. The trick is choosing the right ventilation system, as there are many options on the market.

The AiroMatic from Edmonds is a low profile, DIY powered ventilator that lets in light through a clear dome made with high quality UV stable plastic, helping improve the condition of your roof space. Its smart temperature sensing control system automatically removes heat from the roof space, adjusting the airflow as required without wasting energy consumption. It can also be pre-set for constant ventilation in winter to reduce damaging condensation in roof areas.

AiroMatic is easy to install yourself and is incredibly efficient to run. So you don’t have hefty install costs to contend with nor will you be hit with big energy bills to keep your roof cavity full of fresh, healthy air.

By removing stifling hot air from your roof space, you’re accomplishing a number of things. You reduce the roof cavity temperature, which reduces the amount of head absorbed into your home. In turn, this can reduce the workload for your air conditioning system and ultimately save you money.

The AiroMatic has a maximum flow rate of 647m3 /hr meaning it will replace the air in the average roofs a couple of times an hour. This makes AiroMatic as effective as four conventional wind powered vents – and a whole lot quicker and easier to install.

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