Hurricane Corrosion Resistant (S2) natural ventilator

For over 25 years, the Hurricane® range vertical vane natural ventilation technology has been built to endure the tough climatic conditions and operating environments. Edmonds® ventilation products are designed, engineered and manufactured at its ISO9001 accredited facility in Seven Hills, Australia.

Hurricane was the first industrial ventilator to incorporate vertical vane design which tests at University of Technology Sydney have shown to be have an improved co-efficient of discharge (Cd) compared to similar sized traditional spherical vents.

Hurricane range of Special Variation Corrosion Resistant (S2) ventilator are designed for use in moisture rich, oxidative and slightly acidic conditions. It will also be suitable for dusty polluted environments, where abrasive particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found. When polyolefin coated and protected, it can be applied to slightly caustic environment that is corrosive to aluminium. Applications include, sulphuric acid handling facilities, storage tanks and sewer pipe.

Features and benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for water reservoirs and other oxidative environments that require reliable ventilation to minimise condensation under metal roofs to prolong life of metal structure
  • Critical components have an increased level of protection from pollutants and VOCs for reliability and durability
  • Power coated inside and out to provide additional protection to the metal
  • Polyolefin coating can be provided for increase level of protection from corrosive agents
  • Lightweight design entails crane-lift might not be necessary, reducing overall installation cost
  • Variable pitch throat design can adapt to most roof angles
  • Design and tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000
  • Flexible design and product configurations:
    • Special bases for roof slope and ridge, spigot and square to round designs
    • Manual and Electric dampers
    • Grilles and damper grills
    • Available in 100-600mm throat sizes
    • Mill finish or power coated option to match most Colorsteel® colours.

Edmonds offers a service to help select the right size, number, type of vents is specified according to AS/NZS 4740:2000. Contact our office today.

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