Hurricane Fire Rated (FR) natural ventilator

For over 25 years, the Hurricane® range vertical vane natural ventilation technology has been built to endure the tough climatic conditions and operating environments. Edmonds ventilation products are designed, engineered and manufactured at its ISO9001 accredited facility in Seven Hills, Australia.

Hurricane was the first industrial ventilator to incorporate vertical vane design which tests at University of Technology, Sydney have shown to be have an improved co-efficient of discharge (Cd) compared to similar sized traditional spherical vents.

Hurricane range of Special Variations ventilators such as fire rated (FR) ventilator provides continuous ventilation and smoke release capability in the event of a fire. The operation of FR also does not interfere with Early Suppression Fast Response sprinkler systems.

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Specification Hurricane FR
Roof mounted ventilators shall be Hurricane® Fire Rated 900mm (model FR 900) vertical vanes ventilators and shall be manufactured from non-combustible material. The ventilators shall be tested by the CSIRO to meet AS/NZS 1668.1-1998 Section 4.8 and shall have the ability to operate for 120 minutes at 200°C and 30 minutes at 300°C or longer. The ventilator tops shall be mill finished or powder coated with Colorsteel® or as specified by the customer at time of confirmation. The ventilator shall be weather-tight under proper installation and normal operating conditions, and capable of withstanding a wind speed of 205.2km/hr as tested by CSIRO. The ventilator shall be manufactured by CSR Edmonds® of New South Wales (1800 332 332) including applicable bases, dampers, fixings, trims, straps, flashings and other specified fittings manufactured by CSR Edmonds® as specified herein, or equivalent.
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