EcoPower true-hybrid ventilation technology

The comfort and safety levels of building occupants are a growing concern in modern-well sealed business. The traditional means of exhausting heat or fumes from a building was either; mechanical ventilation, which has high and ongoing cost associated with it. Or turbine ventilation - though it has low ongoing cost, its performance is dependent on natural conditions such as wind.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and the world leader in turbine ventilator technology; Edmonds designed, engineered and manufactured the EcoPower® range of ventilators in Australia. It is the world’s first true-hybrid ventilator that will work to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. EcoPower incorporates the leading design of Hurricane® vertical vane turbine ventilator with a high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motor for reliability and on-demand peak performance, when required.

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How EcoPower works
The roof ventilators shall be CSR Edmonds EcoPower 100mm (150mm, 400mm,600mm or 900mm) with no fan blade to impede airflow, and which can be driven by ambient wind/stack action and/or motor. The hybrid ventilator must have an e.c.motor directly connected between the stator and turbine such that the airflow under wind power is not impeded. The dBA @3m must be less than 54 and energy efficient 40m³/hr/watt or better.
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