AirMaster supply air grille

AirMaster is a supply air grille manufactured from the highest quality injection moulded ABS polymer specially formulated for maximum colour retention.  AirMaster features a one piece main housing, designed to provide maximum airflow.  Smooth surfaces eliminate areas prone to particle build up. Held in place by a rare earth magnet, the grille can be easily detached for cleaning. The magnet is copper coated and nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

It requires no assembly prior to installation.

Suitable for applications when a supply air grille is required for HVAC systems or when ducted ventilation solution is required.  AirMaster is designed for use in conjunction with Edmonds® 150mm ventilators such as Hurricane® and EcoPower®, where reduction collar will not be required.

Air Master is available in one size: 150mm x 150mm

Applications include:

  • Return air purposes (toilets, etc)
  • Air transfer between rooms or to atmosphere
  • Supply air grille for small areas
  • Residential, commercial or industrial use such as classroom, offices and hotels

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from high quality engineering polymers
  • Available with either a long or short ducting spigot
  • Grille face held on by strong hold earth magnet, which allows easy removal for cleaning
  • Grille face is dishwasher safe
  • Held in place with over-centering clips for easy installation
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